With our vacuum metalizing, PVD sputtering, and painting processes we can apply a wide variety of decorative finishes on plastic, glass, and metal.

Vacuum metalizing or PVD chrome is used as a chrome plated plastic alternative to achieve vacuum chrome or PVD chrome appearances.

In addition to our metalizing services we also offer decorative liquid spray painting services utilizing conventional thermal cure coatings as well as UV cured coatings UV coatings combined with metallization or PVD is sometimes referred to as UV metalizing or PVD chrome UV metalizing is the process of applying a UV cured primer coat, followed by a metalized layer, and finally topcoat with a durable clear or tinted UV cured topcoat.

Our decorative metalized and painted coatings are applied on a large variety of applications for many industries including: cosmetic packaging, automotive, appliance, medical devices, consumer electronics, sporting goods, and more.

Examples of decorative metalized appearances:

  • Chrome or Silver and satin or matte chrome
  • Gold both bright and satin
  • Bronze both bright and satin
  • Copper both bright and satin
  • Colored chromes and anodized looks
  • Black chromes and gunmetal

Examples of decorative painting

  • Metallic silvers, metallic golds, and other metallics
  • Soft touch, soft feel, or tactile coatings
  • Matte finishes, matte black, matte white, and matte colors
  • High gloss colors and candy colors
  • Textured finishes

Our proprietary processes allow us to apply these attractive finished to almost any substrate creating durable and flexible decorative finish.

Vacuum metalizing is more cost effective and environmentally friendly than electroplating (chrome plating), or chrome painting. It can also be produced at much higher volumes with more consistency.

Contact us to talk about your project and discuss sampling at no charge.

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