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Automotive Interior Chrome Restoration

The majority of chrome trim in ’60s-’80s automotive interiors was achieved by utilizing vacuum metalized plastics. Over time, the finish can get worn down and begin to deteriorate. If you want to restore your OEM dashboard, instrument cluster bezels, center consoles, armrests, HVAC vents, etc., then you’ve come to the right place.

Mueller Corporation has over 20 years of experience in vacuum metalized chrome restoration. At one time our doors were open to some restoration shops around the country, however we found that the quality of the stripping and preparation process was inconsistent. To ensure that our customers are receiving top-quality results we have since entered an exclusive agreement with Instrument Specialties, a leading restoration shop that specializes in full dash restoration, including interior chrome restoration, gauges, clocks, and beyond.

Contact Mueller's Partner Instrument Specialties Today

Contact Instrument Specialties to receive pricing and lead-times for your project. They will take your old parts, strip them down to bare plastic, do all necessary repair and prep work, then send us the parts to undergo our premium vacuum metalized chrome process. When the parts are returned to them, they will do all the finish and assembly for a full restoration.

With many of the smaller shops ceasing this type of work, Instruments Specialties is proud to be recognized as the largest interior chrome restoration shop in the US and possibly the world. Contact Instrument Specialties now, and make sure to mention that Mueller Corporation sent you.

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