About Mueller Corporation

The Company was founded in 1955 by Walter W. Mueller, a man known as one of the pioneers in the vacuum metalizing industry. Mr. Mueller gained his practical experience with an engineering company that designed and installed vacuum equipment for various applications which included providing optical coatings for the military as well as providing system design for Vacuum Metalizing job shops. He traveled worldwide with the company supervising the installation and startup of equipment and systems until selling his share in that business and then founding the Mueller Corporation.

Walter’s son Glen continued leadership of the business in 1984 and is now the current Chief Executive Officer. Involvement in the business moves forward to the third generation with Glen’s son Glenn W., who shares ownership of the company and holds the title of President and Sales. Walter Mueller’s wife Priscilla, who has been an integral part of the business from the start, retired in 2016.

With the help of all its employees, Mueller Corporation has built a foundation of knowledge and experience that has paved the way for success in today’s competitive global economy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our customers a diversity of vacuum metalized and industrial coatings to satisfy any decorative or functional finishing needs. By developing innovative coatings through research and development and continual improvement of our process, we will meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Our objectives include:

  • 100% on-time delivery
  • Regular monitoring of Customer Satisfaction
  • Maintaining an average fallout rate of 2% or less
  • Evaluate and make continual improvements to our process
  • Maintaining our goals to ensure continuous improvement in limiting our impact on the environment

Our Philosophy

Mueller Corporation maintains the philosophy that we are an extension of our customer’s endeavors. This partnership philosophy has earned us the reputation of being a highly reliable service provider who produces quality products at competitive prices without any sacrifice to customer service or dependability. When it comes time to deliver, we will utilize every resource available to meet your deadlines and schedules. At times like these, our partnership philosophy makes a difference to our customers.
Through ongoing Research & Development, we continue to improve upon our Vacuum Metallizing and industrial coating processes to stay ahead of our customers’ needs. With a watchful eye on every stage of production, from tooling to packing, we are constantly evaluating our quality and efficiency so that we can make adjustments and improvements when and where they are necessary to ensure the highest standards are not only met but that they are maintained.