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The world is full of electronic devices that make a major impact on our lives. Unfortunately, many of these devices emit electromagnetic waves that can interfere with one another. Luckily, metal functional shielding can be a solution to the problem.

When too many electronic devices are operating in close proximity, electromagnetic interference (EMI) can occur. This can cause a variety of problems, from dropped cell phone calls to the failure of vital medical devices. With proper shielding, these problems can be controlled.

What is functional shielding?

Shielding specific parts of an electronic device can solve EMI issues. Shielding involves surrounding metal parts with conductive or magnetic materials that can help control the emittance of electromagnetic radiation. Shielding protects both the device itself as well as others around it.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) lays out specific rules for electronic shieldings, such as the materials that can be used and which devices require shielding. There are minimum amounts of shielding required for specific electronic devices to ensure they do not interfere with other devices as well as protect the device itself from outside interference.

The effects of bad or no functional shielding

If a device requires shielding but does not have any, the interference it experiences could be a major problem. Even if a device has shielding, it may not be of good quality or may deteriorate over time, allowing radiation to enter or escape, causing issues for itself and other devices.

Some problems caused by bad shielding or no shielding include:

  • Fuzzy computer screens
  • Data loss on a hard drive
  • Dropped cell phone calls
  • Static in headphones
  • Medical device failure

In addition to these, loss of secure information is a big risk when operating a device with bad or no functional shielding. Hackers can send a blast of electromagnetic interference towards a building in an attempt to break through and leak sensitive information from hard drives and devices. Proper shielding can help protect these devices.

Factors that influence the strength of a shield

Shielding must be created the right way for the right devices. Most electronic devices need to emit some signals and receive other signals. A proper shielding will ensure that the device is both protected and functional.

Some factors involved when choosing a shielding include:

  • Materials used for the shielding
  • Thickness of the materials
  • Chemical compounds present in the materials
  • Frequencies the shield will block or allow through
  • Other materials within the electronic device

Why hire Mueller for your functional shielding needs?

Manufacturers who make shielding products must know everything they can about the end product before developing a shield. An improper shield can lead to device failure right out of the box.

Mueller has created metallic shields for a wide range of clients and products. We use an array of materials, including, steel, copper, nickel, stainless steel, and others to create functional shieldings that work. We have the technology to create shielding products of nearly any size, even down the less than a millimeter in thickness.


Ensure that your electronic devices are shielded properly against EMI. Call Mueller today to discuss your specific shielding needs.


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