In the fast-paced world of aerospace and defense, where precision and performance are paramount, the choice of protective coatings can make or break a mission’s success. For decades, Teflon has been the go-to coating, celebrated for its non-stick properties and resistance to high temperatures. However, a new contender has entered the ring – Cerakote.

Cerakote’s Rise to Prominence

In recent years, Cerakote has emerged as a rising star, revolutionizing the protective coating landscape. This cutting-edge ceramic spray finish is renowned for its exceptional durability, heat resistance, and versatility. But the question on everyone’s mind is this: can Cerakote truly outperform the venerable Teflon? The answer may surprise you.

A Head-to-Head Corrosion Battle

Cerakote, synonymous with quality in coatings, didn’t leave this question unanswered. In a rigorous head-to-head battle, Cerakote E-100 Blackout coating faced off against the industry-standard Teflon® coatings: Teflon® Black 958G, Teflon® Metallic Black 420G, and Xylan® 142X. All coatings were applied to plain steel bolts and zinc-plated nuts to elevate the galvanic corrosion rate, replicating real-world conditions.

The analysis took place in a Q-Fog salt chamber, following the strict guidelines of ASTM B117, with evaluation based on ASTM D610 for the degree of corrosion. Each coating was applied to bolts and hex nuts commonly used in demanding industrial marine environments.

Teflon Analysis at 48 Hours

Cerakote at 3,963 Hour Comparison

The Astonishing Results

The findings were nothing short of astonishing. While Teflon® coatings began to show corrosion failures within hours, Cerakote E-100 Blackout kept going, relentlessly resisting the corrosive forces. At 48 hours into the analysis, both grades of Teflon® had already surpassed the 3% failure standard on the bolts. By contrast, at 3,963 hours, Cerakote E-100 Blackout had still not reached the 3% failure standard. In the end, the test concluded at 4,008 hours, and Cerakote Blackout stood strong, providing a staggering 99% improvement over Teflon® coatings and an impressive 87% improvement over Xylan® in corrosion resistance.

The Takeaway

This head-to-head battle between Cerakote and Teflon® in a real-world marine environment demonstrates that when corrosion protection matters, Cerakote is the undisputed champion. Its remarkable resistance to corrosion and superior durability are not only game-changers but also industry disruptors.

At Mueller Corporation, as a Cerakote certified applicator, we are proud to offer this groundbreaking technology. Our commitment to providing industries with superior coating solutions is unwavering. This head-to-head test underscores the choice industries are increasingly making – the shift to Cerakote for unmatched protection and longevity.

Don’t miss out on the coating revolution. Make the smart choice – choose Cerakote.

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