Increasing Government Regulations Encourage Shift to Cerakote Coatings

In the ever-evolving landscape of aerospace and defense, the quest for superior coating solutions never ceases. As industry regulations tighten, and environmental concerns grow, the once-ubiquitous per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), typified by the famous brand name Teflon, are facing increased scrutiny. This shift is driving industries to explore alternatives, and one standout contender is Cerakote.

The Challenge of Phasing Out PFAs

The European Commission’s recent proposal to ban PFAS due to concerns over their persistence, toxicity, and bioaccumulation has ignited debates and sent ripples across sectors that have long relied on these coatings. PFAs have been favored for their unique properties, including non-stick surfaces, high-temperature resistance, and chemical inertness. Industries like aerospace and defense have embraced PFAs for their ability to enhance performance and extend product lifespans.

Cerakote: A Rising Star

Amidst the changing regulatory landscape, Cerakote has emerged as a rising star. This innovative ceramic spray finish offers a compelling solution for industries seeking PFAS-free alternatives. Renowned for its exceptional durability, heat resistance, and chemical inertness, Cerakote addresses the challenges posed by PFAs’ phase-out.

Cerakote Vs Teflon in Testing

Cerakote, the name synonymous with quality in coatings, subjected its solutions to rigorous testing in demanding coastal and offshore environments. The outcome was nothing short of remarkable: Cerakote’s corrosion resistance demonstrated its superiority, exhibiting a staggering 99% improvement over Teflon® and an impressive 87% improvement over Xylan®.

Discover the full scope of these groundbreaking findings from Cerakote’s research here.

A Shift Towards Cerakote

Cerakote’s versatility spans beyond traditional boundaries, making it an attractive choice not only for aerospace and defense but also for medical devices, 3D printing, and beyond. As industry restrictions on PFAs grow, Cerakote is on the ascent, positioning itself as a sustainable and high-performance alternative.

As a Cerakote certified applicator, Mueller Corporation is driven to stay on top of regulation changes to support our clients in the best way possible. We recognize this shift and have embraced Cerakote as a testament to our commitment to excellence. As an ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485, AS 9100, and ITAR certified company, we stand at the forefront of these industry changes, providing cutting-edge coating solutions that protect, enhance, and transform. Choose Mueller Corporation for coatings that meet the highest industry standards and adapt to the evolving needs of aerospace, defense, and beyond.

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