Precision EMI shielding, RFI shielding, ESD shielding and coating services

If you are seeking a solution or alternative supplier for RFI and EMI component shielding, whether for a new or existing part, consider the outstanding benefits of Mueller Corporation’s spray coating technology.

Effective shielding of components from radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) has become vitally important in almost every industry. All electronic equipment needs to be protected against any emissions that might interfere with their normal operation.


In a Perfect World

The ideal shield would isolate the component in a seamless sphere made solely of a highly conductive metal, such as aluminum, copper, silver or gold. Of course this would be totally impractical, not to mention expensive.

In reality, component enclosures are usually injection molded to provide a light, inexpensive part that can be easily made to any convenient shape required. Plastic, however, has no shielding properties; RFI and EMI can pass straight through.

Consequently, conductive coatings were developed that could add shielding properties to either the enclosure or the part itself. First used in aerospace, military and hi-tech applications to reflect unwanted RFI and EMI, these coatings have become increasingly available as a cost-effective solution for commercial products.

Shielding can be applied to enclosures to prevent emission of RFI and EMI as well as being used directly on delicate electronic components to protect them from interfering radiation.


 Why Spray?

Spray coating allows a metered amount of the shielding material to be deposited, evenly, on a part, covering every section and contour, even the smallest cracks and crevices. The spray process allows for absolute consistency of application, which benefits quality, cost and material property requirements. Once a spray finish procedure has been finalized, it is completely scalable to match production demands.

The conductive paint used in spray coating contains pure copper with stainless steel, chrome and other metallic combinations to block or reduce the effects of RFI and EMI. Pre-treatment prepares the surface to be coated for excellent adhesion, allowing a uniformly thick coating to build up that won’t peel or flake off.


RFI and EMI Spray Coating by Mueller Corporation

Flexible spray coating equipment allows Mueller Corporation to deliver superior results and finishes. High-Volume Low-Pressure (HVLP) Spray guns are used in various configurations, including six-axis robotic paint cells and automatic reciprocating paint cells, or simply by hand operation for prototypes and small volume requirements.

Design assistance and prototyping are features of Mueller Corporation’s total service package. Providing early input into the development process, optimal spray coating practices can be planned and implemented, though design experts are available to assist effectively at any point throughout the product design cycle.

Masking constitutes a critical aspect of the spray coating process. Anywhere that shielding is definitely not required must be masked from the spray, which can include corners, through holes and screw threads. Tolerances are critical and it is here that Mueller Corporation’s many years of experience come into play with expert planning and design of systematic masking at this important stage. Masking can be carried out by hand using tape and plugs, or custom built masking fixtures need to be made.

Tooling and fixtures to hold parts need to be properly designed for maximum accuracy and consistency of the final product, as well as for production efficiency throughout the process. Fixtures can be economically designed to hold as many parts as possible whilst still ensuring full coverage of the shielding material.

Quality is paramount at Mueller Corporation, with the belief that excellence is built into the final components produced by the individuals that create them. Customer requirements feature highly in the systems and controls that are used in production operations, with operator education and in-process checks to ensure absolute consistency of supply. This commitment has led to Mueller Corporation’s achievement of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification.




With clients like BAE, Boeing, IBM and Motorola, across many industries including medical, defense, aerospace, automotive and contract manufacturing, Mueller Corporation are your trusted vendor for quality RFI and EMI spray coating services.