PVD Coatings for Medical Devices

When your company creates parts and devices for the medical industry, it’s vital to make those parts function perfectly. If your parts fail, it could truly be a life-or-death situation for the patients.

Mueller has the tools and expertise required to provide PVD coating to any parts or tools you may need coated. We can apply a wide range of coatings to your shielding to ensure the proper function and longevity of your medical devices.

What is PVD?

PVD, or physical vapor deposition, offers a way to completely coat a metal or plastic part with an even coating. A wide range of coatings can be used during the process, offering manufacturers the exact characteristics they need.

During the PVD medical manufacturing process, the parts are placed in a vacuum chamber where the air pressure is set far below the exterior. The chosen coating is then applied layer by layer to the surface of the part. When the process is complete, the coating is evenly spread and tightly sealed to the part.

PVD coating is a popular way to ensure a coating is perfectly set on a medical device part, ensuring the longevity of the part and the device.

Benefits of Physical Vapor Deposition

The PVD process provides a wealth of benefits. Items and products that are coated through the PVD process can add useful properties to plastic or metal parts. Just a few benefits of this process include:

  • Anti-corrosive properties – The parts inside your medical devices need to be able to withstand harsh environments. Avoiding corrosion will help the parts, and the device, last much longer.
  • Low friction coefficient – Some medical devices require moving parts. The less friction created when these parts move, the better for the device and the medical professional using the tool.
  • Surface hardness – Certain tools and parts need to be as tough as possible to function properly. PVD coatings can increase the hardness of your medical device parts and tools.
  • Incredible thinness – As thin as 1-4 μm thick, PVD coatings don’t significantly change the thickness of a part. The parts should have no problem fitting in place after coating.

Whether your healthcare products require additional hardness, low friction, or other properties, Mueller can use the PVD process to make your parts work perfectly. Count on us for heat shielding, vapor barriers, ceramic coatings, and other PVD process coatings.

The Visual Appeal of PVD-Coated Medical Devices and Tools

While it may not seem very important, PVD coatings can provide vital visuals for healthcare products. PVD coatings can be used in a variety of ways to improve medical care and make work easier for medical professionals.

PVD coating began as coatings used for aesthetic purposes in the medical industry. Doctors and nurses needed a way to differentiate between very similar tools and PVD coatings allowed for noticeable differences. These coatings were also used for anti-glare, helping reduce issues during medical procedures which take place in brightly lit operating rooms.

Adding PVD coatings to medical devices and tools can provide both functional and visual benefits.

Leave the PVE Coating Work to Mueller

At Mueller, we’ve been providing medical manufacturing services for decades. We can apply aesthetic and functional coatings to any part of your medical devices or tools.

Our team can apply vapor barriers, ceramic coatings, heat shielding, and more to your essential medical tools and device parts. We’ll work closely with your manufacturing team to learn about your product. Then, we’ll determine the best coating options. Finally, we’ll apply the coatings evenly and perfectly to your products.

With the right functional coatings, you can trust that your medical devices will work right and last for years. Speak with our manufacturing team now to discuss the details of your project.