Understanding How Anti-Static Coatings Work

Any business that produces electronic devices or metal product parts knows how damaging static electricity can be. Static can cause everything from slowed functionality to complete failure of a product. It’s vital to have the right parts and coatings in place to ensure your products function properly for your customers.

Functional coatings can help prevent static electricity from forming and collecting within a device. Shielding products may be able to control static, too, but extra coatings may be needed anyway. Mueller can apply conductive coatings to your EMI or RFI shielding products.

Problems Caused by Static Electricity

Anti-static coatings are commonplace in a variety of electronic devices, and for many reasons. Products that don’t feature shielding or conductive coatings can run into a variety of major issues. Just a few problems caused by static include:

  • Product damage – It doesn’t take much static electricity to cause problems for electronics. Even a little bit of static buildup within an electronic device can render the product useless.
  • Sparks and fire – Static can cause an electronic device to spark. Even if the sparks don’t damage the device, they can land on a flammable surface and cause a fire.
  • Physical injury – When static electricity strikes a person, it tends to cause mild discomfort, but a large amount of it can cause more pain. Sparks can burn the skin easily, too.

Functional coatings that reduce static electricity within a device can make a big difference. These coatings are designed to stop the buildup of static and help ensure a low chance of sparks and internal device damage. With the right coatings, device parts can operate at full potential without a problem.

How Anti-Static Coatings Work

Anti-static coatings are designed to mitigate static electricity and the risk of product damage. Conductive coatings are the most common type of anti-static coatings. They work to stop excess electricity from collecting in one place within the device. Conductive paint and coatings can nearly eliminate the static before it can ever build up.

When a part is painted with conductive paint or a conductive coating, it is covered completely and evenly. This helps ensure that static cannot build up on any part of the surface.

Secure Your Electronics with Help from Mueller

The team at Mueller brings years of experience to anti-static coating services. For years, we’ve been providing manufacturers with functional coatings that eliminate the risk of damaging static electricity.

Our crew can work closely with your product team to determine the best coating for your needs. We use powder, paint, and plastic coatings to mitigate static risk. Our staff can coat a few pieces and test them for static removal before moving into full production of coating.


Make sure your products don’t fail due to preventable static electricity. Use the right coatings to stop static buildup and lower the risk of product damage or fire. Mueller has the tools and talents needed to coat your parts with conductive coatings that will keep them static-free. Contact us today to learn more about our processes.