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Cerakote coatings are quickly becoming a popular coating option for a wide range of products and parts. At Mueller, we offer Cerakote coatings that provide abrasion resistance, low maintenance, and heat resistance. Here, we’ll talk more about Cerakote coating, where it came from, what it’s used for, and which industries commonly use it.

Beginnings of Cerakote Coating

In the mid-1980s, NIC Industries created a coating that would change the gun industry forever. They developed a ceramic-based finish that can be added to a variety of materials, from metals and plastics to polymers and wood. Cerakote was born.

NIC Industries put their proprietary coating through rigorous testing to ensure its quality. Using a battery of ASTM tests, they found that their new coating offered great protection against rust, extreme temperatures, impact, and more.

Cerakote was found to be very effective in protecting guns and firearm-related parts. The material did not have a negative impact on the operation of a weapon but was able to protect it from wear and tear both inside and out. Today, Cerakote is a standard coating for guns and gun parts.

Industries Which Utilize Cerakote Coatings

Since the development of Cerakote, many different industries have come to learn about its benefits. Just a few industries that use Cerakote as a protective coating include:

  • Firearms – Originally developed for the firearm industry, Cerakote has become a standard coating for gun parts. Its impact resistance and heat resistance have helped ensure the safer operation of nearly every type of firearm. It also eliminated the need to oil the exterior for corrosion protection.
  • Automotive – Vehicle parts deal with a lot of wear and tear, as well as extreme temperatures. Cerakote is rated safe up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit for metal temperature and up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for exhaust temperature. Cerakote can also reduce temperatures up to 30 degrees under the hood of a vehicle.
  • Sporting Equipment – Hunters and fishermen need to know that their tools will hold up in extreme temperatures and weather. Cerakote coatings add durability to items such as knives, gun scopes, and other sporting equipment.
  • Manufacturing – A wide range of products and parts can be coated with Cerakote to ensure long-lasting protection. Machinery parts, electronic parts, and device parts can take on a lot of heat, impact, and abrasion over time. Cerakote can protect these parts and help them last longer than without a coating.

These are just a few examples of the industries that benefit from Cerakote. Any industry that works with parts that are subject to extreme environments could benefit from using this coating on their parts.

Benefits of Cerakote Coating

Cerakote provides many different benefits and protections for parts. Some benefits of Cerakote coatings include:

  • Corrosion Resistance – Parts that are subject to corrosive environments can defend against chemical and other elements when coated in Cerakote.
  • Affordability – Cerakote is fairly inexpensive compared to other popular coatings which may not even protect as well as Cerakote can.
  • Impact Strength – Parts that are at risk of hard hits or drops are better protected when Cerakote is featured.
  • Simple Maintenance – Cerakote-coated items are very easy to keep clean due to the nature of the coating itself.
  • Temperature Control – Parts that face immense amounts of heat or cold can easier withstand the temperatures and fluctuations when coated in Cerakote.
  • Visual Appeal – Cerakote offers a clean and smooth look for the exterior of parts and products. Cerakote can also be created in a variety of colors which will barely fade over time.

A thin layer of Cerakote can go a long way. Some products and parts only need a millimeter-thick coating to benefit from Cerakote coatings.

Turn to Mueller for Cerakote Coating Services

The team at Mueller can provide Cerakote coatings for any and all of your essential parts and products. We have tools that allow for any thickness of coating, ensuring that your products get the protection they need. We’ll work with you to understand what your parts need before adding this protective coating and ensure your parts are ready for use after coating.

Speak with our staff today to learn more about how Cerakote coatings can protect your parts like nothing else.


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