EAST BRIDGEWATER, MA – Mueller Corporation, a leader in the vacuum metalizing and functional coatings industry, recently received another accolade from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, this time from the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund, for its commitment to continuously improving and educating its workforce. In totality, Mueller Corporation invested more than 3,500 employee hours in professional development training over the last two years.

Through the Workforce Training Fund and other professional services programs, Mueller Corporation employees completed the following trainings:

  • Lean / Continuous Improvement:
    • Employees received training in the fundamentals of continuous improvement practices, including Introduction to Lean Principles, including 5S, the Seven Wastes, Continuous Flow and basic Pull Systems.
    • Managers, Supervisors, Group Leaders, and other key Production employees received additional hours of training in advanced continuous improvement principles, including Standardized Work, Value Stream Mapping, Visual Management, Pull Systems, and Poka-Yoke (error proofing).
    • This training was conducted by GBMP.
  • Technical Training
    • Key personnel received technical training on vacuum coating systems theory, processes, and equipment.
    • This training was conducted by Gessert Consulting, LLC.
  • Computer Skills
    • Employees received off-site computer training to improve proficiencies in programs like Excel and Word.
  • Management Training
    • Managers, Supervisors, and Group Leaders received training on the fundamentals of leadership, management, and supervision.
    • This training was conducted by Quality Support Group.
  • Total Productive Maintenance Training
    • Maintenance Staff, Production Leadership, and key Production received Total Productive Maintenance training, which included education on the five elements of TPM, the stages of TPM, Problem Solving / Root Cause Analysis, and hands-on maintenance procedure development.
    • This training was conducted by Quality Support Group.
  • Quality Systems Training
    • All employees received ISO review and procedural change overview as new procedures were implemented to support Mueller’s ISO 13485 Medical Certification.
    • Quality Assurance and Management staff received transition and implementation support training on Mueller’s new ISO Medical Certification, and Internal Auditors received training on the newest standards as well.
    • This training was conducted by Quality Support Group.

“As a company in the manufacturing space, it’s important that we continue to improve our customer experience and product output by continuously educating our workforce in various areas, like lean principals and quality systems standards,” said Glenn Mueller, President of Mueller Corporation. “We are committed to remaining ahead of the curve, not only our particular industry and the quality of our work, but also in the quality of our customer experience and our team.”

With global brands like Raytheon and Johnson & Johnson as its clients, Mueller Corporation maintains high standards across the organization, and does to by leveraging employee training programs like the Workforce Training Fund to continuously educate employees and remain at the forefront of new applications and internal processes.

The Workforce Training Fund Program helps address business productivity and competitiveness by providing resources to Massachusetts businesses to fund training for current and newly-hired employees. Training grants are available for all Massachusetts businesses, and are offered in a variety of topics including ESOL, Project Management, Sales, Six Sigma, Customer Service, and more.


About Mueller Corporation

Founded in 1955, Mueller Corporation offers customers a diversity of vacuum metalized and industrial coatings to satisfy any decorative or functional finishing needs. Mueller Corporation maintains the highest customer satisfaction and quality assurance by continuously investing in its products and its people. With an emphasis on developing innovative coatings through research and development and continual improvement of our process through emerging technologies and applications, Mueller Corporation remains the leader in functional and decorative coatings for brands across the globe.