Mustang MV Colt

EAST BRIDGEWATER, MA – Mueller Corporation, a leader in the vacuum metalizing and functional coatings industry, recently added a new vacuum deposition system to its fleet, enhancing the company’s application offerings and increasing capacity for its functional and decorative coatings capabilities.

Designed for high throughput environments, the MV Mustang Colt Series machine is designed for small batch, fast cycle metal deposition and boasts MVS high power patented cathodes which yield much brighter finishes with up to 45% target utilization. The Mustang MV offers the following capabilities in one ergonomic, agile system:

  • PVD sputtering system
  • In-chamber topcoat
  • Multi-layer coatings
  • Automotive lighting
  • Automotive wheels
  • Automotive interior chrome replacement
  • Cosmetic closures
  • Glass coating
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • LED lighting
  • Electroplate replacement
  • PVD chrome application
  • Tribological hard coatings
  • Optics

The MV Mustang Colt Series vacuum metalizing machine is the latest in Mueller Corporation’s onsite system and site enhancements, an ongoing effort by the company to remain at the forefront of the vacuum metalizing and industrial coatings industry. Founded in 1955, Mueller Corporation has maintained business partnerships with some of the most well-known brands in the world and is trusted by worldwide leaders in the aerospace and defense (ITAR certified), medical (ISO 13485 certified), consumer packaging, and design and contract manufacturing industries.

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About Mueller Corporation

Founded in 1955, Mueller Corporation offers customers a diversity of vacuum metalized and industrial coatings to satisfy any decorative or functional finishing needs. Mueller Corporation maintains the highest customer satisfaction and quality assurance by continuously investing in its products and its people. With an emphasis on developing innovative coatings through research and development and continual improvement of our process through emerging technologies and applications, Mueller Corporation remains the leader in functional and decorative coatings for brands across the globe.