#D printed dentures with 3D printer behind the dentures

Mueller Expands 3D Printing Capabilities  

3D printing has become a staple in the manufacturing field over the past few years, allowing companies to develop and create parts quicker than ever before. From prototyping to full-scale manufacturing, 3D printers have made it easy for customers to get their parts quickly and have changes made just as fast. 

Mueller is proud to announce the completion of a dedicated additive manufacturing 3D print lab.  We’ve teamed up with Cimquest and have installed two Form 3L printers, a Form 3+ printer, a Wash L automated wash system, and a  Cure L automated cure system. Our lab is fully up and running being utilized daily.   

3D Printing Devices Added to Mueller’s Collection 

The Form 3L is a 3D printer that allows for large-format printing of parts. It uses Stereolithography to aid in the development of small, detailed, intricate parts for a variety of uses. The device is perfect for creating parts that require very fine detail. The Form 3L is known for its high-volume capacity and ability to print multiple parts quickly, with no loss of quality.  

The Form 3+ is a state-of-the-art 3D printer that can be used for creating a wide range of essential device parts. The intuitive workflow makes it easy to import designs, make changes, and print prototypes on the fly. The device can quickly develop parts using Stereolithography, all in a small package that works faster than most other 3D printers on the market today. 

The Wash L offers comprehensive cleaning of 3D printer parts to help ensure a flawless print job every time. System parts are loaded into the washing device along with printer-safe cleaning agents that carefully wash away debris from the printer parts. The device is safe to use for washing away uncured resins from 3D printer parts so users can expect a perfect print on the next job.  

The Cure L brings 3D-printed products to their final state by applying just the right amount of heat to cure the materials into place. Much like a kiln, the Cure L provides an even heating space for finalizing 3D-printed parts. The device utilizes UV light and a heating element to ensure proper curing of every square inch of the parts inside. 

Our print lab gives us the ability to create masks for painting and metalizing, fixtures to hold our parts, shop aids for lean manufacturing, and gives us the ability to print customer’s parts for prototyping and development.  

In addition to utilizing the 3D printed parts directly we are also able to create prototypes of parts that will be injection molded, cast, and machined.   

These printers will also allow us to go into full-scale manufacturing faster, printing countless parts quicker than ever before. The curing device will make it fast and easy to solidify parts evenly and much quicker. The washing device will also help ensure that every print is performed perfectly without the risk of residual resin from previous projects. 

The Benefits of 3D Printing in Manufacturing 

The advantages of utilizing 3D printing technology in manufacturing are endless. This new technology has simplified the manufacturing process for both manufacturers as well as clients. Just a few advantages of 3D printing include: 

  • Fast prototyping – In the past, a manufacturer would have to cut or mold a cast in the exact shape and size of a prototype design to create a single piece—a process that could take days or even weeks. With 3D printing, a CAD design can be loaded into the software and a resin-loaded 3D printer can print out a prototype in a matter of minutes. 
  • Strong, durable parts development – Many manufacturing purists may worry about the durability of 3D printer parts, but today’s printers offer strong, resilient parts. 3D printer resins dry to a very hard plastic and devices like the Cure L apply heat evenly to the parts to ensure a solid finish. 
  • Quick turnaround times – Traditional manufacturing requires days or weeks to produce parts. Utilizing 3D printer technology, Mueller can create multiple parts quickly. Loading resin into the device just like ink into a traditional printer, our team can load 3D models into the software and manufacture intricate parts quickly and efficiently. 

3D printing technology has changed the way parts are manufactured. Over time, 3D printing will continue to break through and provide a quicker, less stressful production process for both companies and clients. 

The Future of 3D Printing at Mueller 

For many years, Mueller has been at the cutting edge of manufacturing technology. We believe in taking strides toward the future and utilizing the newest machinery and techniques to provide customers with the best services possible.  

Mueller plans to continue adding and developing 3D printing capabilities to help better serve our clients.  

From prototype to production, Mueller Corporation can meet your needs for any parts production in a timely, and professional manner. Talk to Mueller today to learn how our 3D printing capabilities can benefit your organization.