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The Importance of EMI Shielding Solutions

Electronic devices and tools need to be able to channel energy properly. If the electricity traveling through a device doesn’t go where it needs to go, the device simply won’t work. In some instances, sparks or fires can occur and cause danger to the user.

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) shielding helps prevent electrical interference inside and around a device. When electromagnetic waves pass through the device, EMI shielding ensures that these waves stay on their path and don’t cause an issue with other parts of the system.

Electromagnetic interference can cause device failure, data loss, lower signal quality, and other serious problems for any electronic product. With the right EMI shielding, a product can work better, more consistently, and more reliably. Any company that develops and sells electronics need to make sure that their devices have the right EMI shielding or coating for optimal performance.

What is EMI Shielding?

EMI shielding can be made in a variety of ways, including coatings, filters, or shields. Special materials and chemicals that are known to help control the movement of electromagnetic waves are added to a device’s essential parts to help ensure the signals move through the device as needed. EMI shielding products are a vital part of every type of electronic product.

From smartphones to medical tools and more, EMI shielding is a vital part of the inner workings of the product. If electromagnetic waves don’t pass through the device properly, data can be lost, products can malfunction, and other issues can occur. With the right type of EMI shielding in place, signals can pass through properly and consumers can enjoy a stress-free experience with the product.

Industries That Benefit From EMI Shielding

Several industries can benefit from EMI shielding. Nearly any business that manufactures electronics of any kind will require EMI shielding within its products. Just a few industries that greatly benefit from these types of shielding products include:

Aerospace and Defense

Airplanes, helicopters, military vehicles, spaceships, and other aerospace and defense automobiles rely heavily on the proper function of electronics. Every type of vehicle has some electronic device integration, providing operators with everything from GPS navigation to vehicle diagnostics and much more. EMI shielding is vital for these automobiles.

Signals must be able to travel through GPS units to ensure proper directions. Electronic waves pass through a vehicle’s engine, transmission, and other parts to provide diagnostics to drivers. Military defense vehicle drivers must be able to send signals to weapon systems and know that weapons will be launched on time and with absolute precision. EMI shielding helps ensure all of these systems operate with great reliability.


The medical industry counts on the perfect operation of a wide range of electronic devices. From pacemakers to X-ray machines and more, the medical field can greatly benefit from EMI shielding being added to the internal parts of the devices they use every day.

Pacemakers are designed to sense the heart rhythm of a patient and help keep the heart beating as it should. X-ray machines send signals through a patient’s body to take an image of the inside of their bodies. Heart rate monitors keep track of a patient’s vital signs to help a doctor determine if they need to adjust their care. All these devices and more require EMI shielding to ensure the electromagnetic waves travel properly and send signals as needed.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies rely on heavy machinery to produce their parts and products. If their devices fail due to electromagnetic interference, their systems can produce faulty parts, or the machines themselves could break down completely.

EMI shielding helps ensure that signals get from point A to point B without a problem. Conveyor belts, cutting machines, and other manufacturing systems need to work precisely and their precision relies on the ability to move materials to the exact right spot.

Consumer Electronics

Today’s modern electronics send a myriad of signals throughout the device as well as out of the device. Smartphones, smartwatches, laptops tablets, remote controls, and much more require EMI shielding to ensure proper function.

Adding the right filters or coatings to the internal parts of electronic devices can ensure that electromagnetic waves move properly. GPS signals, Wi-Fi signals, phone signals, and much more need to travel properly through a device for the product to work well.

EMI Shielding Solutions From Mueller

At Mueller, we strive to provide the best EMI, RFI, ESD, and functional coatings based on our client’s specific needs. We work closely with every customer to determine what they need for their products. Our services include:

  • EMI shielding – Electromagnetic Interference Shielding defends against the waves of electromagnetic signals that could negatively impact a device’s function.
  • RFI shielding – Radio Frequency Interference Shielding specifically focuses on directing radio frequencies to avoid system failure.
  • ESD shielding – Electrostatic Discharge Shielding helps alleviate the static charge that can build up during the function of a device.
  • Functional coatings – Functional coatings offer additional benefits for a product, including moisture control, airflow, and other functions.

Mueller Corporation utilizes two different types of vacuum metalizing technologies; thermal evaporation vacuum metalizing and magnetron sputtering.

Our proprietary thermal evaporation vacuum metalizing can achieve thicknesses of up to 25 microns of aluminum.

Our multi-layer sputtering vacuum metalizing system can be used to apply copper/stainless steel, cooper/chrome, copper/NiCr, copper/aluminum and other combinations to meet your shielding requirements.

EMI/RFI shielding utilizing vacuum metalizing does not accumulate inordinately large build-ups or deposits. Our process is free of peeling and flaking due to proprietary pretreatment processes.

We also offer conductive painting for applications that can’t be met with vacuum metalized coatings

No matter what you require for your electronic devices, look to Mueller for the right shielding products and services. Contact us now to discuss your EMI shielding needs.