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Teflon Coating Services at Mueller

Teflon coatings provide a wealth of advantages for clients in a range of industries. This unique material is designed to withstand incredibly high temperatures, provide a non-stick surface, reduce friction between parts, and more. Also known as PTFE, Teflon has become a standard coating choice for many major manufacturers over the past few decades.

Mueller provides Teflon coating services for every type of essential device and machinery part. We work closely with every client to understand their specific needs and provide the proper coatings they need for their products to work flawlessly. With properly adhered Teflon coatings, our clients can rest easy knowing their products are protected from their harsh environments.

What is PTFE?

PTFE stands for polytetrafluoroethylene and is the scientific name for the brand known as Teflon. It’s a synthetic fluoropolymer with a variety of characteristics that benefit a wide range of industries. Just a few examples of PTFE usage include:

  • Cooking: PTFE is often used to coat cooking surfaces such as pots, pans, and grills. The material is often referred to under the brand name Teflon and provides a non-stick surface for easy cooking.
  • Aerospace: PTFE can assist the aerospace industry in many ways including coating parts for satellites and rockets. These parts need to be protected from extreme temperatures and PTFE can help greatly reduce the impact of high heat.
  • Military: PTFE is useful for military manufacturing as well, providing heat resistance for weaponry and smooth movements of vehicle parts.
  • Machinery: PTFE provides a low-friction surface for moving parts. Businesses that develop machinery often need to ensure the internal parts of their machines stay at a reasonable temperature, and this coating can help.
  • Medical: PTFE is often used in the medical industry to protect internal parts of devices like heart monitors, surgical devices, and more. The moving parts inside these devices must stay at low temperatures and be able to move easily when needed, and PTFE assists well.

PTFE has a wide variety of applications for nearly every industry. It offers a wealth of benefits that make a major difference in the function and longevity of nearly any product.

Benefits of Teflon Coating

The benefits of PTFE (or Teflon) are numerous. Just a few advantages of applying a Teflon coating to a device part of product include:

  • Non-Stick Surface: For products that feature moving parts, a non-stick surface may be vital for the proper function of the device.
  • Heat Resistance: For products that will operate in extreme temperatures or will produce them, a heat-resistant coating can help ensure the product doesn’t fail.
  • Chemical Resistance: For products that function in environments that feature many types of chemicals, PTFE can keep these chemicals from infiltrating the parts.
  • Affordability: Compared to other coating options, Teflon is a much less expensive option that provides high levels of protection.

The benefits of Teflon are countless. However, Teflon coatings are only as good as the way they are applied to a part.

How to Apply Teflon Coating

The team at Mueller has spent years perfecting the way we apply Teflon coatings to our client’s essential product parts. We understand the importance of doing the job right and we make sure to coat the parts for optimal adhesion. Our process looks like this:

  • We prepare the surface of the prototype part to ensure the PTFE coating can adhere properly.
  • We determine the amount of spray coating and thickness required for the part.
  • We spray a liquid Teflon dispersion onto the surface of the part which then cures to form a solid coating.
  • We let the part dry and prepare it for testing.
  • We test the part to ensure proper function.
  • We discuss the results with the client, make changes as needed, and move into full production.

Our PTFE spray coatings can be used in conjunction with other coatings, such as heat shields, EMI/RFI shields, and more. We can apply Teflon coatings to metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, and even fabrics. Coating parts using a spray method easily allows us to adjust the thickness of the coating from very thin to substantially thick coating.

Spraying the Teflon coating onto the parts allows us to provide a perfectly even coating around every in of the part. This helps ensure that the part is properly coated to the right thickness on every side and corner.

Teflon Coating Services From Mueller

Our goal at Mueller is to ensure that your device’s essential parts are properly coated with the exact right amount of Teflon and other coatings. We work closely with every client to understand your product and needs. We produce prototype parts before ever moving into full production. From small orders to major productions, you can count on us to apply the right Teflon coating to your parts.

Get in touch with Mueller now and discover why so many clients have come back to us again and again for Teflon coatings, EMI/RFI shielding, vacuum metalized finishes, vapor barriers, and much more. Contact us online to discuss your need for Teflon coating services.