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You may have seen the ISO certification on a company’s website and wondered what it is. An ISO 9001 certification is a measure of quality and safety standards created by the International Organization for Standardization. Certification requires strict adherence to a set of standards that are used worldwide in any given industry.

The ISO certification process can take weeks or months to obtain and a company must have their work monitored by an accredited, third-party group, not the ISO organization itself. In 2015, major updates were made to the Iso certification with an increased focus on the safety and quality of products and manufacturing practices.

Manufacturing companies can greatly benefit from obtaining an ISO 9001 certification. Here are just a few benefits a company could see from the certification:


1) Increased credibility

Only businesses that truly care about their work will take the time to even apply for ISO certification status. As a business that has received the certification, they’re showing the world that they take your work seriously. Increased credibility shows potential customers that they mean business.


2) Industry recognition

Not every business in every industry has an ISO certification. A business could be one of very few to obtain the certification. It can raise their standing within the community of their industry.


3) Consistent product quality

Every business that produced products wants to have consistency in their work. When a company is ISO certified, it means they take your manufacturing seriously. Consistent high-quality work will help create top-notch products every day and obtain an ISO certification.


4) Reduced waste

No company wants to create waste. Whether physical or financial, waste is never helpful for any business in any industry. An ISO certification includes requirements for waste and will show where a company can improve before they obtain certification.


5) Improved consumer confidence

Anything that can raise the customer’s confidence in a business is a good thing. When customers and prospects see an ISO certification, they understand that the company works hard to create high-grade products. This makes a major difference when they shop around for themselves or their business.


6) Improved business partnerships

Business partners want to know they are working with an organization that knows how to handle their work. An ISO certification shows that the team knows how to make quality products and can do it safely. This can help a company maintain relationships with its current partners or establish new partnerships.


7) Marketing opportunities

An ISO certification is a great tool for marketing. A business can add the ISO visuals and logos to their products and website to display their dedication to quality work. This can help them stand out from the crowd as a leader in their industry.


For the company that obtains an ISO 9001 certification, it provides confidence that the business is creating the best products possible and doing it safely and efficiently. For the customers of an ISO-certified company, it provides confidence that the company will get top-grade products that work.

Obtaining an ISO certification is hard work but well worth it. Trust a certified company when you need the best products on the market.


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