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Why Should You Use Copper Conductive Paint? Copper is one of the best metals for conductive paint due to its conductive properties. Copper is one of the best conductors of electricity. Electricity must be “pushed’ through a metal, but copper requires the least amount of push compared to all other metals.

Conductive Paint

Conductive paints are used to provide EMI (electromagnetic interference) or RFI (radio frequency interference) shielding to a product. Depending on the product being produced, specific metals should be used to comprise the conductive paint.

Copper, nickel, and silver are just a few metals that are commonly part of a conductive paint. Each metal provides its own benefits, depending on the use of the product.

Conductive paint can be applied by hand or by a robotic system. Hand application can provide extra assurance of even coating. Robotic coating can make the coating process easier and quicker.

Electronic devices and products can benefit greatly from using copper conductive paint. Electricity and signals can be sent through copper much easier than other metals. When a part is painted with copper conductivity paint, the electricity can flow easily.


Copper is used inside coaxial cables because it makes it easy to deliver audio and video signals. Copper is used in a variety of electric motors in order to ensure as much power as possible is delivered from the source to the output. Using copper conductive paint, a device can utilize the copper metal as a fast pathway to deliver energy from one point to another.

Copper is a great conductor of electricity because of its composition. Copper is made up of closely packed atoms with electrons moving between them. The electrons can easily move between the copper atoms and, when electrified, the atoms can flow quickly from one place to another. The lack of resistance makes copper the perfect conductor of electricity.

Copper Conductive Paint

If your product requires great electrical conductivity, there’s no better option than copper conductive paint. Working with Mueller, you can get any parts painted with this conductive paint, ensuring a smooth flow of energy through your device parts. Contact us today to learn more about our copper conductive painting process and options.

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