Heart rate monitor and patient getting treatment in hospital- EMI Shielding Technology: Most Common Uses Around the World

EMI Shielding (electromagnetic interference) and RFI Shielding (radio frequency interference) are both vital to the development of electronic parts and products. This shielding ensures that signals are not lost while the product does its job. Making sure that an electronic device doesn’t run into interference from other devices is essential to proper function.

All kinds of electronic devices and parts require EMI/RFI shields. From small electronic parts to large appliances, EMI shielding can ensure the devices function properly. Common uses of EMI shielding around the world include:

Coaxial Cable

Cables that deliver audio and video signals need to be able to maintain the signal from their starting point to their final destination. If the signals run into interference from other devices, the audio and video data quality will suffer. EMI shielding within the cable can ensure that the signals don’t escape or face interference.

Board-Level Shielding

Computer and mobile device parts all play their own part in the process of making the device function well. With so many individual parts working closely together, the chances of interference are high. With proper EMI shielding, each part can work properly without a problem.

Audio Speakers

Audio signals can have a hard time with interference, especially in products like Bluetooth speakers. These devices have to connect with an audio output device and need to avoid interference from other electronics. With EMI shields made of the right materials, the audio signals can flow through the device and provide a crisp, clean sound.

Medical Equipment

Medical devices need to function well at all times and their failure could be a matter of life or death. Proper EMI shielding can ensure that various medical devices will function properly despite proximity to other devices that are running at the same time. From pacemakers to patient monitoring equipment, there are many items that require EMI shielding.

Digital security

In the modern world, cybersecurity is always a top priority. EMI shielding products can help prevent illegal access to computers, devices, or other sensitive electronics. Data stored on RFID chips can be vulnerable to attacks if not equipped with proper shielding.

Aerospace & Defense

From transportation such as helicopters, battle tanks and armored cars to system controls and personnel communications, both EMI and RFI shielding have become an important resource in the aerospace and defense industry. When applied, these shielding coats help prevent equipment malfunctions such as radar signal blockings, sky communications, and global positioning systems (GPS).


These are just a few examples of EMI shielding uses around the world. As time goes on, shielding technology will likely progress and provide even better security, both from interference and from cyberattacks. With the right EMI or EFI shielding parts inside your products, you can rest assured that your devices will function well for years to come.


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